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Memorabilia of Xianyang Vocatioan and Techincal College


Jul. 1937     Provincial Binzhou Normal School was founded.

Sept. 2004    XVTC was founded by merging 4 Vocational Secondary Schools with the approval of Shaanxi Provincial Government.

Sept. 2005    XVTC was officially into operation on different campuses.

Sept. 2006    Started centralized school running by renting Xianyang campus.

Sept. 2007    Started construction of the new campus.

Sept. 2009    Moved into the new campus.

Nov. 2010     Successfully passed the “Quality Evaluation of Talent Training” held by Educational Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government.

Dec. 2013     Renamed 8 teaching departments as “school”.

Dec. 2014     XVTC was nominated as “Candidate of Provincial demonstrative higher vocational college project”.

Feb. 2015     XVTC was honored as “National Civilized Unit”.

Apr. 2015     Xianyang School of Health and Xianyang Technical School were merged into XVTC.

Sept. 2016    the size of full time students was adjusted to 15,000 with the approval of Shaanxi Provincial Government.

Dec. 2016     XVTC was nominated as “Candidate of  National High Quality Vocational Colleges”.

Sept. 2017    80th Anniversary of XVTC

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