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Cooperation Agreement Signed between XVTC and Silla University, Korea

Date:2017-12-09  |  Author:Feng Dong


Park Taehak, President of Silla University, South Korea, visited XVTC and signed cooperative agreement with President Zhang Cun on December 8.


During the meeting, President Zhang Cun gave a brief introduction to the history, campus construction, faculty, majors, scientific research, international cooperation, etc., of the college. Having promoted internationalization in recent years, Zhang hoped that XVTC would deepen the cooperation with Silla University in teaching and research, faculty training, student exchanging and so on.


Park mentioned he was immediately impressed by the campus construction and college culture when he arrived at XVTC, and he was even more impressed by the development and achievement of XVTC. Park also made a brief introduction to Silla University, especially the language programs and overseas employment.

Both of the presidents signed cooperative agreement in faculty visiting, student exchanging, and top-up program for students.


Accompanied by Vice President Zhao Yunlong, the guests visited the treasury of theWenjinge copy “Si Ku Quan Shu” (Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature)in Yizhi Library and the National Culture and Art Museum.


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