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Delegation from Tibet Vocational Technical College Visited XVTC

Date:2017-12-16  |  Author:Feng Dong


On December 14, Yang Hua, party secretary of Tibet Vocational Technical College (TVTC), along with her delegation visited Xianyang Vocational and Technical College.



Accompanied by Party Secretary Liu Congbo, Vice President Xi Shangjun and Vice President He Guangzhong, the guests had a tour of Chaoyue Square, Jinhua Sculpture as well as the wall of fame, and also paid a visit to the treasury of the Wenjinge copy “Si Ku Quan Shu” (Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature) in Yizhi Library, the National Culture and Art Museum, the Numerical Control Training Center and so on.


A meeting was held after the tour, in which Liu Congbo gave a brief introduction to the history, development, connotation construction, major construction, faculty cultivation, admissions and students’ employment of the college. Liu also gave advice on running high vocational education.


Yang Hua expressed her admiration of the development and entrepreneurship of XVTC. She also made a brief introduction of her college, and shared the regional and policy advantage of TVTC, hoping to establish a bilateral cooperative relationship with XVTC.


Both of the secretaries signed cooperation agreement in innovation of school running mode, curriculum construction and practical training.

Heads of General Office, Department of Personnel, Teaching Department,Departmentof Students’ Affairs, Admissions Office, and Yizhi School of Agriculture and Forestry attended the meeting.

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