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XVTC Competitors Returned with Honor from “WorldSkills·Russia”

Date:2017-12-03  |  Author:Li Zhinan


On the morning of December 2, Xianyang Vocational and Technical College Delegation came back with 2 gold medals and "Master of Automotive Professional Award" from the 5th“WorldSkills·Russia” held in Khabarovsk, Russia. He Guangzhong, Vice president, along with heads of General Office, Automotive School and School of Electronic Information welcomed the delegation at the airport.

From November 27th to December 1st, 470 competitors and 350 instructors from different countries in the Asia-Pacific region participated in the competition. Bai Mingming from Automotive School, won "Master of Automotive Professional Award", the highest award of "Automotive Repair and Maintenance" project. Zhang Tao and Bai Jingyu from School of Electronic Information won 2 gold medals in "Mobile Robot" project. It was XVTC students’ first time participating in international competition.

Also, 2 teachers form XVTC, Zhu Zhi and Ren Jiawei served as judges separately in the projects of "Automotive Repair and Maintenance" and "Mobile Robot". Wei Weiping, head of International Affairs served as judge in the final of teacher skills contest in Khabarovsk. It is the first time for them to serve as judges in World Skills Competition.


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