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Khabarovsk Association for Economic and Cultural Exchange Delegation Visited XVTC

Date:2018-04-03  |  Author:Feng Dong

On April 3, ЕКАТЕРИНА РОМАНЕНКО, Executive Secretary of the Khabarovsk Association for Economic and Cultural Exchange visited Xianyang Vocational and Technical College.

The delegation first had an overall tour of the campus, visiting the Medical School labs, the treasury of the Wenjinge copy “Si Ku Quan Shu” (Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature) in Yizhi Library, the National Culture and Art Museum, the Automobile School, practical training facilities in the Practical Training Building and the Comprehensive Teaching Building, as well as the airplane cabin simulator in the School of Finance and Economics.

A meeting, hosted by Wei Wenping, Vice Director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation,was held after the visit, in whichVice President Zhao Yunlong gave a brief introduction to the history, campus construction, faculty cultivation, majors, admissions and students' employment, international cooperation, etc. of the college as well as the history of Xi'an and Xianyang area.РОМАНЕНКОexpressed her admiration of the campus construction and infrastructure of XVTC, especially the practical training facilities. She offered to recruit students from Russia for XVTC, hoping more and more Russian students can get the opportunity to study in XVTC. Both parties also elaborated on the details of cooperation, such as term length, language enhancement classes, and one-on-one help for Russian students from Chinese students from the Students' Association for International Exchange. Short-term student exchange programs and faculty professional training for teachers fromKhabarovsk in XVTC were also discussed in the meeting.

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