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Great News: XVTC Won 59 Rewards in 2018 Shaanxi Provincial Skills Competition for Vocational College Students

Date:2018-04-25  |  Author:Feng Dong

Events of the 2018 Shaanxi Provincial Skills Competition were held successively in 17 locations all across Shaanxi Province from March to April, 2018. XVTC's 63 teams won 59 rewards in 40 events, hitting a history-ever record high. 12 teams from XVTC, including nursing skills, pre-school education skills, art professional skills (plucked instrument performance), industrial robot technology application, wind and light energy complementary generation system installation and debugging, embedded technology application and development, information security management and evaluation, software testing, virtual reality (VR) design and production, computer network application, tour guide service and integrated banking skills, have made it to the national-level competition.

Attaching great importance toskills competition, XVTC has established a three-level (college-provincial-national) working mechanism, a prompting scheme as well as regulations regarding recognition of competition level, rewarding criteria, financial support, etc. What's more, XVTC administrators have always given great support to skills competition. All of these has laid the foundation for XVTC's success in skills competition.

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