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Hongkuang University Delegation from Taiwan Province visited XVTC

Date:2018-04-25  |  Author:Li Zhinan

On April 24, Chen Junliang, Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs director and Professor Zhang Sining from Hongkuang University, Taiwan Province visited XVTC. Wei Wenping, Deputy Director of Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs warmly received them.

The delegation mainly took a tour of various labs of Medical School, Yizhi Library, the National Culture and Art Museum, Orff Music Training Room and Montessori Trainning Room of Normal School. They thought highly of XVTC’s training labs and facilities.


After visting XVTC campus, a meeting hosted by Shi Jitao, Section Chief of Office of International Student Affairs was held in Office 225, in which Wei Wenping gave a brief introduction to the history, campus construction, faculty cultivation, majors, admissions and students' employment, international cooperation, etc. of XVTC. Chen Junliang gave high praise of the campus construction and infrastructure of XVTC. Both parties reached mutual cooperation on many projects such as student exchange, teacher training and students’ winter and summer camps.

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