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XVTC Sports Meeting Kicked off With Spectacular Opening Ceremony

Date:2018-04-27  |  Author:Feng Dong

On April 26 the 11th XVTC sports meeting kicked off with a spectacular opening ceremony, which attracts more than ten thousand faculty members and students. President Zhang Cun, Deputy Party Secretary and Chairman of XVTC Labor Union Fan Shusheng, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Chen Yi, Deputy Presidents Zhao Yunlong and Rui Hongya attended the ceremony.

Starting at 8:30 A.M., with exciting music and cheers, processions of the national flag, the XVTC flag, referees and athletes successively marched into the ground track field.


After the national flag-raising ceremony, Deputy Party Secretary and Chairman of XVTC Labor Union Fan Shusheng delivered his remarks where he expressed sincere gratitude for coaches, referees, athletes, and staff who made this event happen on behalf of the college administrators. He hoped that competitors respected all the rules that govern the games and abided by them in the true spirit of sportsmanship, and referees impartially judged the games and affirmed that it is the struggle to compete, not who wins or loses, that ultimately matters.

After representatives of athletes and referees swore their oath of sportsmanship and fair play, Zhang Cun, President of XVTC, declared the opening of the sports meeting. The opening ceremony was crowned by magnificent performances, including cheer leading, ribbon dance, fan dance, group callisthenics, kong fu, as well as military sports boxing by students from secondary schools.


The yearly three day event features more than 20 sports, in which 1128 athletes will compete.

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