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XVTC and Khabarovsk Education Delegation Visited Sino-Russian Silk Road Innovation Park

Date:2018-05-13  |  Author:Feng Dong

As an important activity of the 3rd Silk Road Education Cooperation Forum, XVTC and Khabarovsk education delegation visited Sino-Russian Silk Road Innovation Park in Fengdong New Town, and received a warm reception from Leader International Innovation Center on the afternoon of May 11th.

Li Zhi, Admin Director gave an brief introduction to the development of Leader International Innovation Center and its business. Representatives of vocational colleges from Khabarovsk talked about their schools, elaborating on majors, curriculum development, faculty professional training and technological innovation. Wei Wenping, Deputy Director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, XVTC, also briefed the basic information and global cooperation of the college. Li was impressed by the accomplishment in international cooperation XVTC had achieved, and also expressed his appreciation for bridging the colleges from Khabarovsk, Russia and Leader Center. Then the three parties discussed possible cooperation programs such as Sino-Russian cultural exchange, curriculum co-construction, international student cultivation, etc.

Accompanied by staff of Leader Center, the delegation also visited the Digital Exhibition Hall of Fengdong New Town Management Committee, Tencent Cultural and Creative Center, and Leader Center.


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