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XVTC Students Returned with Honors from the National Vocational Students Skills Competition

Date:2018-06-07  |  Author:

On May 30 the VR Design and Production Competition (higher vocational college group) of the National Vocational Students Skills Competition was held in Fujian Chuanzheng Communications College, attracting 77 teams from 29 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions nationwide. Xianyang Vocational and Technical College team, including students in majors of Digital Media Arts Design and Computer Information Management, Luo Yang, Lv Hao and Shan Jinhu, won the first prize of the event. Team advisors Luo Gang and Xu Kele were rewarded Excellent Coaches.

On June 4 the team returned with honors and were warmly greeted at Xi’an Xianyang International Airport by President Zhang Cun and Vice President He Guangzhong. When the heroes arrived at school around 2:00 P.M., college administrators including Party Secretary Liu Congbo, Deputy Party Secretary and Chairman of XVTC Labor Union Fan Shusheng, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Chen Yi, Deputy Presidents Zhao Yunlong and Rui Hongya and deans of secondary schools along with students welcomed them and expressed their congratulations with bouquets, banners, applause and warm hugs.

Shaking hands with the competitors, Liu Congbo said in excitement, “It’s been 6 years since last first prize from the National Vocational Students Skills Competition. Thank you so much for bringing honor to XVTC.”

In addition, XVTC teams also won second prizes in the events of Tourist Guide Service and Information Security and Evaluation, as well as third prizes in the events of Preschool Education Teaching Skills, Software Testing, Embedded Application Development, Computer Network Application and Integrated Skills of Banking Business.

XVTC has always attached great importance to skills competitions in all levels in order to promote teaching and learning. Students’ and teachers’ professional skills and practical training abilities have been phenomenally improved through preparation for and participation in skills competitions.

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